PEPPERL+FUCHS ecom Mobile devices prone to Android privilege elevation vulnerability

VDE-2018-016 (2018-10-19 09:39 UTC+0200)

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Affected Vendors


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Vulnerability Type

Improper Privilege Management (CWE-269)


An attacker may gain access (by elevated privileges) to CT50-Ex mobile computers through a vulnerability in a system service running the Android Operating System (OS). The system service improperly validates incoming connection requests. Although the vulnerability is significant, currently no known exploits publicly available. 


A skilled attacker with advanced knowledge of the target system could exploit this vulnerability by creating an application that would successfully bind to the service and gain elevated system privileges. This may enable the attacker to obtain access to keystrokes, passwords, personal identifiable information, photos, emails, or business-critical documents.


An update is available that resolves this vulnerability. All customers using the impacted products should update their products as indicated in the chart below. Only products listed below are affected by this vulnerability. Updates are available via the Pepperl+Fuchs / ecom product support channel or directly from the original manufacturer Honeywell at .

Pepperl+Fuchs strongly recommends that users upgrade to the version identified below to resolve the vulnerability.






Android 6.0

Update to CommonES or later
Update ECP to version or later (if applicable)

Android 4.4

Update to CommonES 3.17.3445 or later


For support, please contact your local Pepperl+Fuchs sales representative.

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