What does „CERT“ mean?

What is CERT@VDE?

What are the advantages of being a CERT@VDE member?

What does „CERT“ mean?

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) also known as Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), refers to a group of IT-Security-Experts who:

• help to solve specific IT-Security-Incidents as coordinators (e.g. in case new safety gaps become visible, new viruses go viral, spam sending PCs or targeted attacks)
• focus on Computer-Security generically (sometimes also sector-specifically) 
• publish warnings of security gaps
• offer advisories

What is CERT@VDE?

CERT@VDE is Germany´s first IT-Security-platform for small and medium sized industy enterprises (KMU)

Industry 4.0. opens up new chances and added value potential by digitally transforming our world – especially for the middle class growth engine. But the ongoing linkage of production systems by modern IKT-systems also causes an increasing risk of security-incidents. Threats range from system failure or loss of production to disfunctions with consequences like health impairment or industry espionage and sabotage. 
The consequences are accordingly severe:

• financial loss
• Know-How loss
• Loss of image

Therefore it is even more important to strengthen IT-Security, as it is the crucial factor for the success of digitalization and Industry 4.0: On the one hand by means of an improved prevention in the system development, on the other by means of reacting as fast as possible if new safety gaps and new ways to attack become known. 

Big international enterprises often have their own CERT or CSIRT as well as big manufacturers often run a PSIRT in order to coordinate safety gaps in their own products and to provide product safety information in a structured way – KMU on the contrary normally lack the resources to constitute specified emergency teams. Even in case such a team was already installed – the possibility for trustworthy cooperation with manufacturers is still missing.

This is where CERT@VDE steps in: it is Germany´s first platform designed in order to coordinate KMU´s IT-Security problems in the sector of automation industry. We offer the possibility of intensive and effective information exchange and concrete support in all questions of IT-Security for manufacturers, integrators, plant engineers and operators equally. This effective and efficient cooperation structure used by production officers and IT-Security-Managers enables our members to face and lift together the central challenge of our time, viz. the high risks of Industry 4.0. Information that was once isolated is centrally pooled, contextualized, structured and spread by CERT@VDE, so that divergent industry participants are always on the same level of information about current product security standards and dangers.

CERT@VDE is part of VDE e.V. and has no commercial interests. Any cooperation relies on a confidentiality agreement enriched by regular work meetings and personal trust. 


What are the advantages of being a CERT@VDE member?

CERT@VDE: Synergy means/for more/better Security/Safety

CERT@VDE allows its participants to exchange directly and openly about the deployed technology, tools, methods and security incidents. It stimulates the discussion about concrete problems and questions among experts so that the participants can reciprocally benefit from their exchange with cooperating partners who are confronted with similar security problems. This paints out a holistic picture of the given challenges and makes the set of instruments grow whose usage improves IT-Security. 

Advantages of a membership are:

  • Exchange between different companies on problems of IT-Security
  • Reduction of IT-Security-Incidents by advanced knowledge and customer-specific situation picture
  • Prevention of production losses and loss of Know-How
  • Limiting the damages of IT-Security-Incidents through quick assess and identification of possibilities to intervene
  • Easy and customer-specific access to all relevant IT-Security information at one point (cockpit-approach and Single Point of Contact)
  • Reduction of extra costs/effort/investment for IT-Security
  • Positive company image as collaborating member of CERT@VDE
  • Early participation and assistance allows to take active part in shaping the processes of CERT@VDE