WAGO: PLC families 750-88x and 750-352 prone to DoS attack, versions < FW10

Old versions of the firmware (FW1 to FW10) are prone to a DoS attack. Firmware versions > FW11 (released in Dec, 2017) are not affected.

VDE-2020-042 (2020-10-27 11:28 UTC+0100)

CVE Identifier


Affected Vendors


Affected Products

  • 750-352
  • 750-831/xxx-xxx
  • 750-852
  • 750-880/xxx-xxx
  • 750-881
  • 750-889

Firmware versions from FW1 to FW10 are affected. All newer Firmware releases since FW11, released in December 2017, are not affected.

Vulnerability Type

Uncontrolled Resource Consumption (CWE-400)


The Web-Based Management (WBM) of WAGOs programmable logic controller (PLC) is typically used for administration, commissioning and updates.
Older firmware versions of the PLC family 750-88x and 750-352 are vulnerable for a special denial of service attack.


An attacker which sends a series of maliciously constructed packets to HTTP(S) ports 80/443 could cause a crashed device, that needs a power on reset to go back to normal operation.


Update the device to the latest FW version available here: https://www.wago.com/us/requestDownload?downloadFile=FWMedia_58_750-881


  • Restrict network access to the device.
  • Do not directly connect the device to the internet
  • Disable unused TCP/UDP-ports

Reported by

This vulnerability was reported to WAGO by William Knowles (Applied Risk)

CERT@VDE coordinated.