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2021-03-01 07:39 (CET)

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2021-03-01 07:39 (CET)


Endress+Hauser AG


Article No° Product Name Affected Version(s)
SRP700 Asset Health Monitoring (FieldCare SFE500) <= 2.15.01
SFE100 DeviceCare <= 1.07.00
SFE500 FieldCare <= 2.15.01
SMT50 Field Xpert <= 1.05.00
SMT70 Field Xpert <= 1.05.00
SMT77 Field Xpert <= 1.05.00


The fdtCONTAINER component is integrated into an application (host application). The fdtCONTAINER application is a specific host application which integrates the fdtCONTAINER component.

The fdtCONTAINER component exchanges binary data blobs with such a host application. Typically, the host application saves these binary data blobs into a project storage (project file or a project database).

To manipulate the data inside the project storage, the attacker needs write access to this project storage. Additionally, the manipulated project needs to be opened by the host application. It depends on the host application whether opening the project requires a user action or not. In
fdtCONTAINER applications, the user has to open the manipulated project file manually.

In the case of opening a stored project, the deserialization of the manipulated data can be exploited.

Last Update:

16. März 2021 09:37


Deserialization of untrusted data  (CWE-502) 


The engineering workstation, on which the host application is executed, might execute malicious code with the user rights of the host application.



  1. Exchange project data only via secure exchange services
  2. Use appropriate means to protect the project storage from unauthorized manipulation
  3. Do not open project data from an unknown source
  4. Reduce the user rights of the host application to the necessary minimum


Planned for future versions

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M&M Software GmbH

Coordinated by CERT@VDE