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2022-08-17 10:00 (CEST)

Last update

2022-08-17 13:49 (CEST)


WAGO GmbH & Co. KG


Article No° Product Name Affected Version(s)
751-9301 CC100 <= 03.09.07(21)
752-8303/8000-0002 EC300 <= 03.07.14(19)
750-8100/xxx-xxx PFC 100 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8101/xxx-xxx PFC 100 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8102/xxx-xxx PFC 100 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8202/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8203/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8204/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8206/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8207/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8210/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8211/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8212/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8213/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8214/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8215/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
750-8216/xxx-xxx PFC 200 <= 03.09.05(21)
762-4x0x/8000-000x TP600 <= 03.07.14(19)
762-5x0x/8000-000x TP600 <= 03.07.14(19)
762-6x0x/8000-000x TP600 <= 03.07.14(19)


Multiple WAGO product families are prone to multiple vulnerabilities affecting CODESYS control runtime system.


Last Update
25. Mai 2022 16:24
Out-of-bounds Write (CWE-787)

CODESYS Control Runtime system before has a Heap-based Buffer Overflow.

Last Update
15. Februar 2022 07:35
Insufficient Verification of Data Authenticity (CWE-345)

An exploitable code execution vulnerability exists in the PLC_Task functionality of 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH CODESYS Runtime A specially crafted network request can cause remote code execution. An attacker can send a malicious packet to trigger this vulnerability.

Last Update
25. Mai 2022 16:24
Files or Directories Accessible to External Parties (CWE-552)

In CODESYS V3 web server before, files or directories are accessible to External Parties.

Last Update
1. August 2022 10:00
NULL Pointer Dereference (476)

In CODESYS EtherNetIP before, specific EtherNet/IP requests may cause a null pointer dereference in the downloaded vulnerable EtherNet/IP stack that is executed by the CODESYS Control runtime system.

Last Update
17. November 2022 13:09
NULL Pointer Dereference (CWE-476)
CODESYS Gateway 3 before has a NULL pointer dereference that may result in a denial of service (DoS).
Last Update
8. September 2021 08:49
Improper Input Validation (CWE-20)

CODESYS Control Runtime system before has improper input validation. Attackers can send crafted communication packets to change the router's addressing scheme and may re-route, add, remove or change low level communication packages.


Please consult the CVE entries for further information.



• We recommend all effected users of the PFC 100 & PFC 200 product family to update to firmware version 03.10.08(22) or later.

• We recommend all effected users of the TP600 and CC100 product family to update to firmware version 03.10.09(22) or later. 

• The affected products of the CC100 family will receive a patched Version approximately in 09/22.

In addition to the mitigation hints concerning the above-mentioned vulnerabilities CODESYS GmbH recommends the following general defense measures to reduce the risk of exploits:

  • Use controllers and devices only in a protected environment to minimize network exposure and ensure that they are not accessible from outside
  • Use firewalls to protect and separate the control system network from other networks
  • Use VPN (Virtual Private Networks) tunnels if remote access is required
  • Activate and apply user management and password features
  • Use encrypted communication links
  • Limit the access to both development and control system by physical means, operating system features, etc.
  • Protect both development and control system by using up to date virus detecting solutions


For further impact information and risk mitigation, please refer to the official CODESYS Advisory Website at

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Coordination done by CERT@VDE.