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2022-11-29 12:49 (CET)

Last update

2022-12-13 09:50 (CET)


Festo SE & Co. KG


Article No° Product Name Affected Version(s)
4080499 Bus module CPX-E-EP = All Versions
4080497 Bus module CPX-E-PN = All Versions
541302 Bus node CPX-FB32 = All Versions
548755 Bus node CPX-FB33 = All Versions
1912451 Bus node CPX-FB36 = All Versions
2735960 Bus node CPX-FB37 = All Versions
2093101 Bus node CPX-FB39 = All Versions
2474896 Bus node CPX-FB40 = All Versions
8110369 Bus node CPX-FB43 = All Versions
548751 Bus node CPX-M-FB34 = All Versions
548749 Bus node CPX-M-FB35 = All Versions
8110370 Bus node CPX-M-FB44 = All Versions
8110371 Bus node CPX-M-FB45 = All Versions
2798071 Bus node CTEU-EP = All Versions
2201471 Bus node CTEU-PN = All Versions
8107589 Bus node CTEU-PN-EX1C = All Versions
3501040 Camera system CHB-C-N = All Versions
Compact Vision System SBO*-C-* = All Versions
Compact Vision System SBO*-M-* = All Versions
Compact Vision System SBO*-Q-* = All Versions
Control block CPX-CEC = All Versions
Control block CPX-CEC-C1 = All Versions
Control block CPX-CEC-C1-V3 = All Versions
Control block CPX-CEC-M1 = All Versions
Control block CPX-CEC-M1-V3 = All Versions
Control block CPX-CEC-S1-V3 = All Versions
555668 Control block CPX-CMXX = All Versions
555667 Control block CPX-CMXX = All Versions
529041 Control block CPX-FEC-1-IE = All Versions
Controller CECC-D = All Versions
Controller CECC-D-BA = All Versions
Controller CECC-LK = All Versions
Controller CECC-S = All Versions
Controller CECC-X-* = All Versions
553852 Controller CECX-X-C1 = All Versions
553853 Controller CECX-X-M1 = All Versions
3605478 Controller CMXH-ST2-C5-7-DIOP = All Versions
Controller CPX-E-CEC-* = All Versions
8067301 Controller SBRD-Q = All Versions
8086610 EtherNet/IP interface CPX-AP-I-EP-M12 = All Versions
8086607 EtherNet/IP interface CPX-AP-I-PN-M12 = All Versions
8069773 Gateway CPX-IOT = All Versions
Integrated drive EMCA-EC-67-* = All Versions
Motor controller CMMO-ST-C5-1-DION = All Versions
Motor controller CMMO-ST-C5-1-DIOP = All Versions
Motor controller CMMO-ST-C5-1-LKP = All Versions
Motor controller CMMP-AS-* = All Versions
Motor controller CMMT-AS-* = All Versions
Operator unit CDPX-X-A-S-10 = All Versions
Operator unit CDPX-X-A-W-13 = All Versions
Operator unit CDPX-X-A-W-4 = All Versions
Operator unit CDPX-X-A-W-7 = All Versions
Planar surface gantry EXCM-* = All Versions
8084006 Servo drive CMMT-ST-C8-1C-EP-S0 = All Versions
8084004 Servo drive CMMT-ST-C8-1C-PN-S0 = All Versions
8047502 VTEM-S1-* = All Versions


Incomplete Festo product documentation of remote accessible functions and their required IP ports. Depending on the product a description of the supported features can be found in the product documentation to some extent.

Update A, 2022-12-13

Added affected device "Bus module CPX-E-PN, 4080497"

Last Update:

29. November 2022 12:47


Incomplete Documentation  (CWE-1059) 


In multiple products by Festo a remote unauthenticated attacker could use functions of undocumented protocols which could lead to a complete loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Please consult the CVE details above.



Update of technical user manual documentation in next product version.

Additionally, please refer to the following Recommendations

Users running communication over an untrusted network who require full protection should switch to an alternative solution such as running the communication over a VPN.

Festo strongly recommends to minimize and protect network access to connected devices with state of the art techniques and processes. For a secure operation follow the recommendations in the product manuals and note the protocols and their supported features in Festo Field Device Tool or Festo Automation Suite online help.

As part of a security strategy, Festo recommends the following general defense measures to reduce the risk of exploits: - Use controllers and devices only in a protected environment to minimize network exposure and ensure that they are not accessible from outside

- Use firewalls to protect and separate the control system network from other networks

- Use VPN (Virtual Private Networks) tunnels if remote access is required

- Activate and apply user management and password features

- Use encrypted communication links

- Limit the access to both development and control system by physical means, operating system features, etc.

- Protect both development and control system by using up to date virus detecting solutions

Reported by

CERT@VDE coordinated with Festo SE & Co. KG.
Daniel dos Santos, Rob Hulsebos from Forescout for reporting to Festo SE & Co. KG.