MIELE Multiple Vulnerabilities in XGW 3000 ZigBee Gateway

Miele XGW 3000 is prone to mutiple vulerabilities in version <= 2.3.4 (1.4.6)

VDE-2019-010 (2019-05-20 09:58 UTC+0200)

Affected Vendors


Affected Products

XGW 3000 ZigBee Gateway

Vulnerability Type

Improper Authorization (CWE-285)


Miele XGW 3000 is a ZigBee-TCP/IP gateway. The gateway connects Miele ZigBee-Appliances (called Miele@home) with local customer TCP/IP-Network and allows visualizing the appliance state on the web interface of the gateway, Miele SuperVision capable appliance, smartphone/tablet app or home automatization device.

An external security researcher reported two vulnerabilities in XGW 3000 gateway and provided a Proof-of-Concept. The combined exploitation of both vulnerabilities allow the circumvention of the authentication mechanisms of the XGW3000.

The Miele PSIRT managed to reproduce the findings and successfully exploited the gateway. Therefore, the existence of all vulnerabilities has been confirmed.


(sorted by severity)

CVE Identifier: CVE-2019-20481
Vulnerability ID (Miele):
CVSS-Score: 4.4 (
Vulnerability Type: CWE-285: Improper Authorization
Vulnerability / Issues: Bypass for "Password Change Function".In combination of vulnerability PSIRT-2019-001-VI_01 (CSRF), the administrator password can be changed without checking the old one

CVE Identifier: CVE-2019-20480
Vulnerability ID (Miele):
CVSS-Score: 4.4 (
Vulnerability Type: CWE-352: Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Vulnerability / Issues: A malicious website visited by an authenticated admin user or a malicious mail are allowed to issue arbitrary changes in the "admin panel".


Install software version 2.4.0 via the automatic update function of the XGW 3000 ZigBee Gateway.

To do so, log into the local Miele@home Gateway Info Admin Panel. Afterwards, click on Settings -> Click on Update -> Click on Check for New Software. The latest version of the Gateway software will be suggested for installation. After the installation has been completed, verify if the installed version is 2.4.0 or larger. If this is not the case, the update process has to be started a second time.

Reported by

We would like to thank Maxim Rupp / rupp.it for reporting this issue to Miele PSIRT.