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2019-03-25 12:40 (CET)

Last update

2020-02-18 08:26 (CET)




FL NAT SMN 8TX-M (2702443)
FL NAT SMN 8TX-M-DMG (2989352)
FL NAT SMN 8TX (2989365)
FL NAT SMCS 8TX (2989378)


After login the source IP is used as the session identifier, so that users sharing the same source IP are able to gain full authenticated access to the WEB-UI.

The access attempt will only be successful if the former authorized session has not been terminated by the authorized user or by session timeout.


Improper Access Control  (CWE-284) 


An issue was discovered on PHOENIX CONTACT FL NAT SMCS 8TX, FL NAT SMN 8TX, FL NAT SMN 8TX-M, and FL NAT SMN 8TX-M-DMG devices. There is unauthorized access to the WEB-UI by attackers arriving from the same source IP address as an authenticated user, because this IP address is used as a session identifier.


If an unauthorized user manages to get access as described above, he gains full access to the device configuration.


Customers using Phoenix Contact FL NAT SMx devices are recommended to operate the devices in closed networks or protected with a suitable firewall.
For detailed information on our recommendations for measures to protect network-capable devices, please refer to the application note: industrial_security_107913_en_01.pdf

To protect the device from an attacker who has gained access to the closed network, or if there is a possibility that multiple users might share a VPN connection with a single endpoint IP, it might be considered to:

log off from the WEB-UI immediately after administration
disable the WEB-UI and use configuration access via SNMP instead

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This vulnerability was discovered by Maxim Rupp (