UPDATE A 26.09.2023:
Changed affected Version of e!Cockpit from < to <=

Vulnerabilities are reported in WIBU-SYSTEMS Codemeter. WIBU-SYSTEMS Codemeter is installed by default during e!COCKPIT and WAGO-I/O-Pro (CODESYS 2.3) installations. All currently existing e!COCKPIT installation bundles and WAGO-I/O-Pro (CODESYS 2.3) installation bundles are affected with vulnerable versions of WIBU-SYSTEMS Codemeter.

UPDATE B 20.11.2023:
Removed CVE-2023-4701 because it was revoked.

Frauscher: Multiple Vulnerabilities in FDS101

Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH FDS101 for FAdC/FAdCi v1.4.24 and all previous versions are prone to multiple vulnerabilities which could lead up to a full compromise of the FDS101 device.

A Vulnerability in WIBU-SYSTEMS CodeMeter Runtime affects multiple Phoenix Contact products.

Phoenix Contact devices using CodeMeter embedded are not affected by this vulnerability.

Update A, 2023-11-13

Removed CVE-2023-4701 because it was revoked.

The TRUMPF CAD/CAM software tools mentioned above use the vulnerable CodeMeter Runtime (up to version 7.60b) application from WIBU-SYSTEMS AG to manage licenses within the component TRUMPF License Expert. This CodeMeter application contains new vulnerabilities, which may enable an attacker to gain full access to the server or workstation on which the TRUMPF License Expert has been installed on. A new version of the TRUMPF License Expert which fixes this vulnerability is available.
Machines with a running and correctly installed mGuard hardware firewall cannot be exploited by this vulnerability if used as intended (according to the manual).

Update A, 2023-11-13

Removed CVE-2023-4701 because it was revoked.

Incomplete user documentation of undocumented, authenticated test mode and further remote accessible functions. The supported features may be covered only partly by the corresponding user documentation.

Festo developed the products according to the respective state of the art. As a result, the protocols used no longer fully meet today's security requirements. The products are designed and developed for use in sealed-off (industrial) networks. If the network is not adequately sealed off, unauthorized access to the product can cause damage or malfunctions, particularly Denial of Service (DoS) or loss of integrity.


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