Multiple vulnerabilities in the included versions of OpenSSL can lead to different problems, including crashes of the OpenSSL modules (leading to a Denial of Service) or leakage of plaintext. These underlying vulnerabilities can be fixed by installing a software update provided by TRUMPF.

Under certain circumstances, opening a specially crafted 7-zip package can exploit an integer
underflow vulnerability in 7-zip versions up to and including 22.x
This vulnerability allows for a remote code execution, resulting in unauthorized (remote) access to,
change of data or disruption of the whole service.

The TRUMPF products that are listed above contain a vulnerable version of Notepad++. This version is
being installed for support purposes only, so there is no danger of triggering this vulnerability in
Notepad++ during normal operations. Nevertheless, TRUMPF recommends mitigation of this
When editing a specially crafted file containing UTF-8 characters in Notepad++ (Versions up to 8.5.6) and converting that file to UTF-16, a buffer overflow vulnerability can be exploited that allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code to take over the whole system.

The TRUMPF CAD/CAM software tools mentioned above use the vulnerable CodeMeter Runtime (up to version 7.60b) application from WIBU-SYSTEMS AG to manage licenses within the component TRUMPF License Expert. This CodeMeter application contains new vulnerabilities, which may enable an attacker to gain full access to the server or workstation on which the TRUMPF License Expert has been installed on. A new version of the TRUMPF License Expert which fixes this vulnerability is available.
Machines with a running and correctly installed mGuard hardware firewall cannot be exploited by this vulnerability if used as intended (according to the manual).

Update A, 2023-11-13

Removed CVE-2023-4701 because it was revoked.

TRUMPF TruTops prone to improper access control

During the installation of specific TRUMPF Windows applications, privileged local users with default usernames and passwords are created. An adversary could use these users to access and compromise the affected Windows systems and, under certain circumstances, other network resources.

A number of TRUMPF software tools use the OPC UA Server in C++ based OPC UA SDK by Unified Automation. The application contains several vulnerabilities, which enable an attacker to send malicious data to the application, resulting in a Denial-of-Service.

A service function in the stated TRUMPF products is exposed without necessary authentication. Execution of this function may result in unauthorized access to, change of data or disruption of the whole service.

A number of TRUMPF CAD/CAM software tools use the CodeMeter Runtime application from WIBU-SYSTEMS AG to manage licences. This application contains a number of vulnerabilities, which enable an attacker to prevent normal operation of CodeMeter, resulting in a Denial-of-Service and potentially execute arbitrary code.


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(Scoring für CVSS 2.0,3.0+3.1)
Kein CVE verfügbar
0.1 <= 3.9
4.0 <= 6.9
7.0 <= 8.9
9.0 <= 10.0