Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in WIBU-SYSTEMS CodeMeter and published 08 September 2020. Phoenix Contact is only affected by a subset of these vulnerabilities.

Phoenix Contact products are not affected by vulnerabilities WIBU-200521-01 (CVE-2020- 14513), WIBU-200521-04 (CVE-2020-14517, and WIBU-200521-06 (CVE-2020-14515). For further Information please refer to WIBU Advisories directly at

A timeout during a TLS handshake can result in the connection failing to terminate. This can result in a Niagara thread hanging and requires a manual restart to correct.

The build settings of a PLCnext Engineer project (.pcwex) can be manipulated in a way that can result in the execution of remote code.
The attacker needs to get access to a PLCnext Engineer project to be able to manipulate files inside. Additionally, the files of the remote code need to be transferred to a location which can be accessed by the PC that runs PLCnext Engineer. When PLCnext Engineer runs a build process of the manipulated project the remote code can be executed.

Manipulated PC Worx projects could lead to a remote code execution due to insufficient input
data validation.

The attacker needs to get access to an original PC Worx project to be able to manipulate data
inside the project folder. After manipulation the attacker needs to exchange the original files by
the manipulated ones on the application programming workstation.

FL MGUARD, TC MGUARD, TC ROUTER and TC CLOUD CLIENT devices are affected by a buffer overflow vulnerability within the PPP service.

The PPP service is not active by default, but is used commonly at TC ROUTER, TC CLOUD CLIENT.
It is also running in the following FL MGUARD and TC MGUARD configurations:

• Mobile data connection
• Router mode “Modem”
• Router mode “PPPoE”
• L2TP over IPsec

Malicious PPP peers could try to exploit the vulnerability from remote.

If the software runs as a service, a user with limited access can gain administrator privileges by starting a shell with administrator rights from the Import / Export configuration dialog.

The Phoenix Contact application ‘PC WORX SRT’ is installed as service. The installation path of the application is configured to have insecure permissions which allows any unprivileged user to write arbitrary files to the installation directory where all the configuration files and binaries of the service are located.

Multiple Vulnerabilities exist in components used by the aforementioned products. See CVE-Details for more information.


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